App Overview

Below is a video that will give you an overview of how to use Baritastic.   Baritastic Overview from BariApps on Vimeo.

Nutrition Tracking Secrets

Check out the video below for some nutrition tracking secrets. Feel free to use the App Support section if you have questions about the app or need support.   Nutrition Tracking Secrets from BariApps on Vimeo.

How to Add Foods not in the Database

While our database has over 600,000 food items, from time to time, food items won’t be in the database. It’s still very easy to add those foods in a matter of seconds. Once done, you can add them at any time in the future.

How To Track Inches Lost

Tracking your inches lost is easy on Baritastic. Please watch the video below for a quick tutorial.

Nutrition Tracking: How to Log Food 101

Why should you be tracking your nutrition? Because studies show if you track what you eat, you can lose up to twice as much weight and you’ll be able to maintain your weight loss better when compared to people who do not track. So start tracking. This video shows a quick overview of how to use the nutrition tracker. Here …

How To Create Recipe

To create a recipe in Baritastic, follow the steps below: Click on the green plus button from the homescreen to bring up your trackers. Click on Add Food. Click on Recipes. Click on Create Recipe. Add the ingredients for the recipe along with a name. Ensure you choose how many servings it makes. When done it will add it to …

My Reminders Don’t Work

If you aren’t receiving alerts, it’s likely that your notifications on your phone are turned off for the Baritastic app. To fix this: Go to the Settings section in your phone (not in the Baritastic app). Look for the Baritastic app (each phone is slightly different on where this is located in the Settings section). Turn on notifications or allow …

Sharing & Printing Your Food Journal

Sharing or printing your food journal is easy and free. You’ll need to email yourself or your dietitian the attachment created for your food journal. This is an HTML file and will open up a browser on your computer. Note: This is best viewed on your computer where you can then print if needed.

How to Change Your Starting Weight

Baritastic uses your earliest entered weight as your starting weight. To add a new starting weight, you can click the green plus button, then click on weight. You can change the date by scrolling on the day and using the arrows to change the month. Enter a weight for a previous date before all other entries and click save. To …