Surgical & Non-Surgical Weight Managment Platform

Comprehensive and Customizable HIPAA Compliant Provider Dashboard

+ Patient-Facing Mobile Tracking App

HIPAA compliant provider dashboard.
Built for your patients. Customized to your clinic.

As soon as the clinic recommended this app to teach food intake even six months prior to my scheduled surgery, I downloaded and started using it....It has been so helpful and informative in helping me lose weight prior to surgery, and I’m convinced it will be a critical tool to use after surgery.
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Connect to Your Clinic

Once connected, your bariatric program can:

    • Monitor your nutrition, weight and more.
    • Set up automatic reminders.
    • Setup and monitor customized checklists.
    • Send messages to keep you on track.
    • Remind you of key milestones.
    • Receive key alerts.
    • And much more.
Setup Custom Pre and Post-op Checklists

Access Customized Education

Access Your Clinic's:

  • Diet guidelines
  • Discharge instructions
  • Patient portal
  • Education modules
  • Videos
  • Vitamin & supplement guidelines
  • Success stories
  • Support services
  • Calendar of support groups with reminders.
  • Key contacts to get questions answered quickly

Don't Have A Code to Connect?

Ask your bariatric program for a code to connect to Baritastic.

You can still track everything using the Baritastic app without being connected. It's just a little more awesome when you're connected.

Patients connected to their clinic:

  • Log food more often.
  • Don't have to call the clinic as often.
    • They know what they need to do and how to do it.
  • Lose more excess weight after surgery the more they use the app. 
  • Stay more compliant. Patients who know Baritastic is a required part of the program are more likely to create habits of tracking nutrition.
  • Attend more support groups.
  • Know they have chosen a bariatric program with the tools and resources for their success.


The More You Use, The More You Lose

  • 4700+ patients used Baritastic for at least 18 months post-op.
  • Patients connected to their clinic tracked food more often.
  • Food and weight logs were associated with an increase in the percent of excess weight loss at 18 and 24 months post-op.
  • The patients who tracked the most, lost way more weight.
  • View the white paper.