Nutrition Tracking: How to Log Food 101

Why should you be tracking your nutrition? Because studies show if you track what you eat, you can lose up to twice as much weight and you’ll be able to maintain your weight loss better when compared to people who do not track. So start tracking.

This video shows a quick overview of how to use the nutrition tracker.

Here are some key tips from the video:

  1. Use SmartSearch for all non-packaged foods.
  2. Voice to text is very easy and quick with SmartSearch (the microphone icon).
  3. For packaged foods, scan the barcode.
  4. If there is no barcode or the scanner doesn’t read the barcode, use the Search function to find and log your food.
    1. Change the number of servings to match how much you ate.
  5. If you still can’t find your food or the nutrition info is wrong,  you can create  your own food or use the Quick Add feature if it’s a food that you don’t eat often.
    1. This page will show you How to Create a Food.
    2. This page will show you How to Use Quick Add.