The #1 App For Bariatric Patients

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More Than Nutrition and Weight Tracking

  • Track inches lost.
  • Setup daily reminders for water, protein shakes, vitamins and supplements.
  • Take photos and create a photo timeline.
  • Track hunger, happiness and even bowel movements.
  • Integrate with major wearable devices to track steps.
  • Access bariatric friendly recipes.
  • Track your body mass index (BMI).
  • Count down to surgery and track days since surgery.
  • Seminar to surgery checklist to stay on track and get approved.
  • Bariatric timer that separates food and water.
  • A bite timer that helps you slow down while eating.
  • The best bariatric resources to stay supported and educated.

Connect to Your Bariatric Program

Access your Bariatric Program’s:

  • Diet guidelines
  • Discharge instructions
  • Patient portal
  • Education modules
  • Videos
  • Vitamin & supplement guidelines
  • Success stories
  • Support services
  • Calendar of events with automatic reminders 24 hours in advance
  • Key contacts to get questions answered quickly


Monitoring & Compliance

Once connected, your bariatric program can:

  • Monitor your progress.
  • Create amazing reports that detail your nutrition, exercise and more.
  • Set up automatic reminders.
  • Create your seminar to surgery checklist.
  • Send messages to keep you on track.
  • Review your food journals, exercise data, your progress towards surgery.
  • Alert you to support group cancellations.
  • Remind you of key milestones.
  • Be alerted when you don’t meet your water goals and/or stop logging food.
  • Be alerted when you gain weight and proactively reach out to help.
  • Be alerted when you check off items on your checklist to get to surgery.

Don’t Have A Code to Connect?

Ask your bariatric program for a code to connect to Baritastic.

You can still track everything using the Baritastic app without being connected. It’s just a little more awesome when connected.

When connected you:

  • Stay more engaged with reminders from your bariatric program to keep you on track all the way to year 3 post-op.
  • Stay better educated with easy to access content from your bariatric program that is categorized  so you can find exactly what you need whatever stage you’re at.
  • Don’t need to call your program as much with questions – What do I do next?
  • Stay more compliant. You don’t want that report to be blank when you meet with your dietitian, do you?
  • Know that you’ve chosen a bariatric program with the tools and resources for you to be a long-term success story.
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