How to Log Your Weight in Baritastic

Tracking your weight loss in Baritastic is easy.

In this video we will show you:

  • How to log your weight. 
  • How to change your starting weight.
  • What is the ‘Moving Average.’
  • How to delete weight added by mistake.
  • How to connect a wi-fi scale.

Basic Exercise Tracking

Tracking exercise is a great way to stay focused and realize your gains over time.

If you’re connected to your bariatric program, your dietitian and other providers can see this information which gives them insight into your activity and allows them to compare your exercise regime to what most patients are doing.

This video shows you how to log your daily exercise.

If you are trying to connect a wearable device to log your steps, please refer to this video.

If you are trying to log your steps with a device that is not connected to Baritastic, please see this video.

Exercise Logging on Baritastic from BariApps on Vimeo.